Cornerstone Classes...

Winter session begins Tuesday, January 10th.

Inductive Bible Study by Pastor Jerry Poole: addressing various texts, often those that he will focus on in his Sunday sermons. This study is open to all adults and high-schoolers.

Women's Study:

Youth Cornerstone: is available for all junior and senior high students.

Elementary Cornerstone: is available for all children ages 5 years through 5th grade.

The T.KL.S.T.G.L.*: Sewing Club with Phyllis Merrill will once again offer a sewing class for kids. Children will learn basic sewing skills, create some crafts, and make items for local charities. If your child is interested in joining, please call Phyllis at 586-3784 to reserve a spot.

Meals by Cornerstone are provided by volunteers. If you are interested in helping with meals, please call the office at 582-2163.

Cornerstone classes are held every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm preceeded by dinner at 6:00, for eight to ten week periods during the fall, winter and spring. These classes are designed to teach, support, offer fellowship and fun! In the past we have had book studies, financial planning, spiritual gifts, language classes, current events and life application courses along with bible studies. It is always interesting to see what the next session will bring. Call the church office to register, sign-up after church or use the form at the bottom of the page to save your spot.

To register for a Cornerstone class, you may use the form below.