Staff Pastor/Parish Relations Committee



This committee encourages, strengthens, nurtures, supports and respects the pastor(s) and staff and their families. They confer regularly about personnel conditions that affect the congregation’s total ministry, including healthy life-work balance. Help staff to set priorities.


Committee responsibilities include: communicates openly and regularly with pastor(s) and staff; prepares and maintains and employee policy manual; recommends staff positions needed and develops and approved written job descriptions; recommends total compensation and other financial matters; provides annual evaluation of pastor(s); and, meets at least annually with District Superintendent regarding pastoral evaluation. In conjunction with the Trustees, conducts an annual inspection of the parsonage.


The committee generally meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday and as needed.


Spiritual Gifts and Qualifications Helpful


These spiritual gifts can benefit the committee: exhortation(encouragement); wisdom; discernment; administration; shepherding; helping; servanthood and leadership.

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