Volunteer & Service Opportunities

We have many opportunities to volunteer and serve at our church. On this page you will find those options available to you. There truly is a place for everyone, every talent, every skill, and every gift here at Kennewick First.

Use the links below to see descriptions of many (not all) areas of potential ministry here at Kennewick First. Please read through these and determine if any of these areas appeal to you. If there is an interest (a calling) in an area, please contact Pastor Jerry or a member of the Committee on Nominations and Leader Development (Peggy Puryear, Don Board, Brooke Canada, Gloria Harden, Sherry Arnold, and Dean Mitchell) for more information.

  • Worship Commission
  • Missions Commission
  • Education Commission
  • Trustees SPRC (Staff Pastor/Parish Relations Committee)
  • Church Leadership
  • Ministry Chart
  • The Committee on Finance

How is God calling you to ministry?

What are your spiritual gifts? How do you know?

God calls all of us to ministry and He has provided you with a unique set of gifts to be used. You may have a pretty good idea of what your gifts are: perhaps you have the ability to plan and work with people – to delegate responsibilities, track progress, evaluate effectiveness of procedures, attend to details. If so, you might have the gift of administration. You might be a teacher or a leader or have exceptional empathy. Not sure? Try our on-line spiritual gifts survey. It will help. But, you also need to attend to this in prayer. Ask God to help you come to know your gifts and to give you the courage to apply them. It is totally private – only you will know the outcomes!

Take the spiritual gifts survey today!