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Jr United Methodist Youth (Jr UMY)

UMY is a fellowship group offered to middle and high school aged youth where they can learn and practice Christian principles and participate in fun activities. It is our goal to provide a safe and structured environment where the youth feel welcomed and loved by the Lord and their Leaders.

Jr. UMY is for Youth in 6th to 8th grades

We generally meet on Sunday nights from 6:00-8-00pm and participate in a wide variety of activities. Some activities are done at the church, including activities such as games, dances, and overnighters, and some activities are done away from the church, including activities such as bowling, miniature golf, and ice blocking. There is also a weekend retreat and ski trip to look forward to that takes place later during the program year! In addition to weekly activities during the school year, each group goes on a trip in the summer. Jr. UMY group goes on a five day Middler Trip, a trip that prepares the youth for the Mission Trip, a seven to eight day trip that the Sr. UMY goes on. During every UMY activity, devotion, prayer, and opportunities for the youth to grow closer to the Lord and to one another are included.


UMY is a self-supporting program, which means that we do fundraisers for both groups in order for these fun activities and trips to happen. Both UMY groups have a main fundraiser as well as smaller fundraisers throughout the year. The main Jr. UMY fundraiser is the Rock-a-Thon, which is held in January. The youth are required to have regular attendance and participate in the fundraisers to be eligible for the out of town events.Someactivities throughout the year will require that the youth bring money. I will make every attempt to give you a lot of notice and to not schedule too many money-related activities in any given month. Finances should never be a reason to not participate. Please contact us if it is.

It is important for the youth to be involved in other opportunities that allows them to grow closer to the Lord and to be in fellowship with one another. Kennewick First offers several opportunities for the youth to grow spiritually, including worship on Sundays, Sunday School, and Cornerstone Bible study on Tuesday nights. We encourage the youth and their families to be involved in some or all of these activities or to be involved with activities at their family church.